Hey everyone! My name is Robert Wheeler, and I'd just like to take a moment and personally thank you for visiting my page. It really means the world to me that you are interested in my products, and I will do my absolute best to fulfill every single one my customer's needs.

I grew up just outside of a small Ohio town called Wapakoneta. I know, a mouthful right? Being somewhat of a hard name to say, it does have some meaning behind it. The name Wapakoneta is derived from the Shawnee Indian's native word, Wa·po’kanite, which translates to "Place of White Bones" in todays English. The Shawnee tribe recognized these grounds because of the many bones of Mastodons that stood tall out of the earth as a natural landmark in the 1800's. I was honored to name my business after this beautiful piece of history. My logo, and maker's mark present the Letters WBK standing for White Bone Knives. The "W" in this logo bears two long spikes to represent the tusks of the mastodons that once roamed freely in the land I have always called home.

I developed a love for knives at the early age of 8 years old when I received my first pocket folder. I took it everywhere, and in many ways seemed like it was one of my friends. It was always there for me whenever I needed it, never let me down when I depended on it, and trusted in its every ability. Heck I even named that knife! I called it Saber, and everything about it was special to me. Over the years of my life, I obtained more and more of these incredible items, and cherished every one of them. In my free time at school, I would browse the vast inventories of knives on the internet just to take a look at what was out there. In one instance I was searching for the perfect woodsman's knife to go on a survival trip with a good friend of mine. Some other people around me took notice that I was browsing through all these awesome wilderness blades. They said, "How can you just sit there and look at these all day?" Simply I replied, "How can you not?!" Any knife enthusiast can agree with me here. Searching for this blade, I began to realize the importance of durability, and performance in a knife. After all, if this trip was a true survival situation, my life would need to depend on it. Dependability is something I strive for in my work. Knives have been incredibly important tools to mankind throughout human history, and being such an asset to human survival, they should be relied on in even the most harsh situations.

I have learned many things about knives over the years, and I have a true passion for them. It absolutely puts a smile on my face when I see someone receive their first knife. Initially it could just be a simple item in your hand, but over the years of use, a bond is created. Owning a knife opens many doors to all kinds of activities. Many of which, I hope to teach to my children someday. I have faith that you all will do the same for your children, and keep the spirit of the knife alive!