• Image of Knife making jig GF-1
  • Image of Knife making jig GF-1

ATTENTION: Jigs are under delay until further notice.

If you have any questions about the jig please contact Steven Shelby by email at: [email protected]


This Grinding jig is designed to cut bevels into knife blanks with precision accuracy. Slip your blank into the lock jaws and tighten with the main knob as well as the allen bolts with the allen wrench provided. Once locked in, turn the set screws in the bottom of the jig to your desired angle. Made with aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rust.

-Sturdy aluminum body
-Stainless steel screws
-Removable handles
-Double locking mechanism
-3 bolt accuracy
-Knurled knobs for non slip grip

I have personally been using this jig for over 4 years testing this fixture which is made by local resident and my good friend Mark Shelby. It has certainly stood the test of time in my shop and has ground over 500 blades with no signs of wear and tear! I highly recommend this jig to anyone who wants to seriously up their game in the world of knife making!

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